Sumerian Kings List

Sumerian Kings List

A Mythological History – Proof of ancient aliens – Or the first Math Primer?

The various versions of what is now referred to as the Sumerian Kings List is thought to be primarily a historical record of Kings in Ancient Sumeria. It is thought to be a hybrid historical account of Kings in Sumeria with the oldest kings living tens of thousands of years.

The long life cycles in the list is part of what the Ancient Astronaut Crowd points to as proof of ancient aliens who colonized life on earth and lived many thousands of years.

Dr. Sol Adoni has released an academic paper criticizing the translations saying the word MU in the texts does not mean YEAR but “name of” and he points to the long number of years as being days since the numbers used are all perfectly divided by the number 360 which is the number of days in the Sumerian calendar. So numbers such as 36,000 years become 100 years.

This is the academic paper of Dr. Sol Adoni in regards to his translation of the Sumerian Kings List as a MATH PRIMER the first in history and not a historical work.

Sumerian Kings List The First Math Primer


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