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PanPaideia and Paideias better than Wikipedia

Paideia is ancient Greek for Learning or Knowledge1)Greek English Lexicon Liddell & Scott, it is the root of Paedia the Latin equivalent2)A Latin Dictionary Lewis and Short.

Paideias is part of the Panpaideia3) project, Pan Paideia in ancient Greek means literally ALL KNOWLEDGE4)Greek English Lexicon Liddell & Scott.

Paideias is a Universal Knowledge database that is edited by scholars with specialized knowledge in the general field of each of the major Branches of Knowledge of Paideias. The scholoarly editorial control of Paideias is vastly superior to recent attempts to create an on-line Encyclopedia using human editors who often have no degrees or doctorates and harbor many prejudices such as the free labor pool of editors that Wikipedia uses.

Paideias is a KNOWLEGE database created by scholars, it’s not a popularity contest and Paideias ignores data that is not relevant to real scholarly knowledge and the main Branches of Knowledge of Paideias.

If you are interested in looking for data about a new young porn starlet you can find such prurient interest pages on Wikipedia such as the Wikipedia page about Sasha Grey5) The Founder of Wikipedia is a pornographer6) who refuses to put real Academic information on the site, such as a page about the fastest Prime Algorithm now known to man, the 8 Prime Spirals7) that recently dethroned the Sieve of Eratostenes8), the page is deleted at Wikipedia 9)  since it is about real KNOWLEDGE.

While there is surely a place on the Net for pornographic related data, IT DOES NOT BELONG IN A SCHOLARLY PAIDEIA. If you are interested in helping us create a scholarly knowledge database, please contact us with your Academic Resume at our Editors Page. Much of our database contains major resource material from Adoni Publishing, a publishing company that publishes modern authors and many titles of scholarly importance from pre-1930, since such information is now public domain and free of copyright. Our editorial team is editing this original resource to conform to modern standards of knowledge upon these Branches of Knowledge of Paideias .

Our post 1930 information is either reprinted with permission from the cited sources, or it is hand created by our in-house editorial staff that have doctorates and degrees relative to each of the Branches of Knowledge of Paideias.

This creates a reliable scholarly encyclopedic resource for the world to enjoy in over 60 languages.

PanPaideia and Paideias better than Wikipedia



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