ERATOSTHENES of Cyrene – Greek: Ἐρατοσθένηςc. 276 BCc. 195/194 BC is now known as a significant Greek mathematician. There are no known written works that exist today directly attributed to Eratosthenes. All that is known about Eratosthenes are antdotal references to him and his alleged theories.

ERATOSTHENES is now considered to have been a mathematician, a geographer, a poet, an astronomer, and also a music theorist. He is also credited with being the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria.

In his day Eratosthenes may have been called Beta amongst his peers as recorded by the Byzantine encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world known as the Souda or Suda [1] Entry ε 2898 of Suda. The reason was he was often second in scholarly competitions, and not first. Thus Beta was the second letter of the Greek alphabet and often used in Greek Math or Gematria as a number. Eratosthenes was also credited with the nickname of Pentathlos[2]Chambers, James T. “Eratosthenes of Cyrene.” Dictionary Of World Biography: The Ancient World (January 1998): 1–3.

He is often credited as being the first person to calculate the circumference of the Earth, but his calculation was not modernly precise.  However, today it is understood that much of the Greek so-called wisdom was drawn from older lost sources, such as Sumerian mathematics.

The Creator Formula work of Dr. Sol Adoni aka Sollog from 1995[3]  proved that  the creation mythos in major religions hid a simple exact mathematical formula in their creation myths proving the EXACT CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE EARTH was known thousands of years before Eratosthenes lived and hidden inside the iconography of creation mythos, thus proving Eratosthenes was not the first to accurately measure the earth.

As the Chief Librarian of Alexandria, if he were even that, Eratosthenes would have had access to source material from Sumeria that is now lost today.

Eratosthenes is also credited with discovering the Sieve of Eratosthenes[4][5]Introduction to Arithmetic by Nicomachus[6] A prime number algorithm method to generate prime numbers that most likely was known well before Eratosthenes lived, since such advanced mathematical ideas are now known to have been understood by the Sumerians.

Recently the 8 Prime Spirals[7] dethroned the Sieve of Eratosthenes[8] as the fastest simple prime number generator.


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