Editors of Paideias

If you wish to become an editor to help our non-profit project contact us below. We are looking for experts in many branches of knowledge that have at least a Masters or a preferred Doctorate.

Editoral Team of Paideias

Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni[1]https://paideias.com/sollog/[2]https://universitius.com/news/dean-dr-adoni/[3]https://university.templehayah.org/sollog/[4]https://independent.academia.edu/DrAdoni [5]SolAdoni.com

Law – Religion – Math – Science – History – Ancient Languages

Computer Science – Physics – Astronomy – Literature – Art – Philosophy

Dr. W.H. Wyttenbach MD[6]https://wfubmc.academia.edu/WWyttenbach


Dr. I Okoro

Computer Science – Math

Dr. Z Dimitrios[7]https://uel.academia.edu/DZ

Literature – History – Math

Universitius Faculty and Students[8]https://universitius.com/news/projects/

All Branches of Knowledge


Please include a link to your Academia Resume

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