PDF Planetary Distance Formula

Theorized in 2002 by Dr. Sol Adoni [1]https://paideias.com/dr-sol-adoni/, PDF [2]https://www.sollog.com/discoveries1/pdf.htm is a correction of one of the first great laws in physics that being Titius Bode Law [3]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/.

Dr. Adoni corrected Titius Bode Law [4]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/ in his theory and it is now known as Titius Bode Sollog Law [5]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/ as well as PDF (Planetary Distance Formula).

NASA verified the formula is correct when they discovered new planetary bodies beyond Pluto exactly as PDF theorized such bodies would be located.

PDF is the first model of our solar system that correctly gives the locations and explanation of all major phenomena in our solar system such as why gas giants exist where they do, how the asteroid and kupier belts formed as well as why planets are located in the orbits they have.

Originally Titius Bode Law [6]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/ was used as a scientific explanation of planets known during the age it was first theorized in. Later discoveries of additional planets in our solar system made the original theory fall out of favor with academia. Due to prejudice within the academic community against any IDT (Intelligent Design Theory) [7]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/intelligent-design-theory/ academia does not permit new papers correcting Titius Bode Law [8]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/.

In PDF Dr. Adoni explained the complete formation of all phenomena in of our solar system and correctly theorized  where additional planetary like objects were later found by NASA. Since these new planetary like objects were found, science has redefined how a planet is now defined. Pluto if discovered today would not even be a planet as it is now defined in academia.

Titius Bode Law [9]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/titius-bode/ initially used only one doubling rule to locate known planets when it was theorized. In PDF Dr. Adoni explained there were originally three planetary distribution channels and by locating early planets that have since merged or been destroyed the scientific reason for phenomena such as the gas giants and even the asteroid belt was understood.

After PDF was released by Dr. Adoni the theory was verified when NASA discovered new planetary like bodies in our solar system beyong Pluto exactly where PDF theorized they would be located.

PDF is now a leading work in IDT (Intelligent Design Theory) [10]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/intelligent-design-theory/ as is The Creator Formula [11]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/creator-formula/ another work by Dr. Adoni from 1995 that used acient religious mythos as a correct formula for the exact circumference of the earth.

Modern academia is heavily atheistic, so any scientific theories that can be considered a ‘proof’ for Creationism and IDT (Intelligent Design Theory) [12]https://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/intelligent-design-theory/ is ignored as a general rule by academia.