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8 Prime Spirals [1]PrimeSpirals.com aka Adoni Prime Spirals and 30 Mod Prime Algorithm [2]PrimeAlgorithm.com were discovered in 1995 by Dr. Sol Adoni [3]SolAdoni.com and released in the ENNISA Prime Algorithm Paper [4]https://www.sollog.com/primes.shtml.

The theory proves that all prime numbers above 5 must exist on one of eight so-called prime spirals. It is consideredto be the first definitive algorithm for prime numbers since by definition primes cannot now be considered ‘random’, since all primes above 5 must exist on one of only 8 prime spirals. The discovery of only 8 Prime Spirals means Primes are not random.

The first prime spiral was discovered in 1963 and is known as the Ulam Spiral. In 2012 PyPrimes [5]https://github.com/evandrix/Splat/tree/master/code/demo/pyprimes-0.1.1a a primality program written for Python Programming Language tested many prime algorithms and the Adoni Spirals out performed all other prime algorithms including wheel factorization and the ancient Sieve of Eratosthenes.

The PyPrimes test incorrectly called the Adoni Prime Spirals Croft Spirals[6]https://mail.python.org/pipermail/tutor/2011-December/087209.html, however, Croft made his discovery in 2010 or fifteen years after the Adoni Prime Spirals were discovered by Dr. Adoni [7]https://helixq.org/news/prime-spirals/.

In 2004 the so-called sieve of Atkin was released using a 60 mod variation of the 30 mod and 90 mod work of Dr. Adoni (60 mod is merely 2×30 mod). Dr. Adoni revealed the 90 mod variation to his 30 mod prime work in the Ennisa Paper [8]https://helixq.org/news/prime-spirals/ to call attention to a unique sequence of number compression found only in 3n(30 mod) sequences, that are unique from 1n(30 mod) and 2n(30 mod) which have identical number compression cycles.

Three different methods of using the Adoni Prime Spirals were given by Dr. Adoni that allows simple math to quickly exclude non-prime composite numbers as potential prime candidates or probable prime numbers.

The first method is adding up all integers of a potential prime candidate and if that number when compressed to its base integer from 1 to 9 is not one of the prime compression roots, the number cannot be prime.

The second fast primality method is division of a potential prime candidate by 30 and if the sum has a long repeating divisor, then that number is a strong probable prime candidate and needs to be subjected by the typical prime analysis of known primes less the numbers square.

The third method is the algebraic 30 mod formula that computers use.

Dr. Adoni has made numerous other discoveries in math and physics since 1995. His PDF paper (Planetary Distance Formula) [9]https://www.sollog.com/discoveries1/pdf.htm is a correction of the famous Titius Bode Law considered by most to be the first great law in modern physics. However, modern physics refuses to accept improvements upon Titius-Bode Law due to the usual academic prejudices against such theories.[10]Alan Boss (October 2006). “Ask Astro”. Astronomy 30 (10): 70

HelixQ[11]https://helixq.org/news/ is a new computer programming language created by Dr. Adoni that makes use of his numerous new math equations he calls Helix Equations. For the time being, HelixQ runs a ‘lite version’ of this new computer language. The full version of HelixQ is claimed to be for a future generation of computers that will use 90 bit/byte computer technology, a huge leap forward from our modern 8 bit/byte computer technology.

Since PyPrimes has shown the fact that the Adoni Prime Spirals are faster in primality testing than all other algorithms it tested including wheel factorization and the sieve of Eratosthenes, the significance of these 8 Prime Spirals and 30 Mod Prime Theory is relevant, since even the 60 Mod Prime Theory or sieve of Atkin is considered a significant advancement in prime number theory.

Dr. Adoni also claims to have an Earthquake Algorithm. In 2000 he publicly released 7 Windows for significant earthquakes (defined as above 7 Magnitude) and his windows all had major quakes over 7.0 Magnitude in them. Something modern science says cannot be done statistically.

The Indonesian tsunami of 2004 [12]https://www.247news.net/2004/20041226-quake.shtml and the 2011 Japan tsunami causing the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster [13]https://www.247news.net/2011/2011-0311japan.shtml all struck in super quake windows theorized by Dr. Adoni.

Dr. Adoni is also known to be able to predict catastrophic hurricanes well in advance. Both Hurricane Katrina which devasted New Orleans [14]https://www.247news.net/2005/20050902-katrina.shtml and Hurrican Sandy struck where his famous Hurricane Warning Paper warned.

As can be expected, such claims are prone to attacks by skeptics. However, the significance of the work of Dr. Adoni cannot be dismissed now due to the clear discovery of the 8 Prime Spirals in 1995 by Dr. Adoni.


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